About Us

The idea for CaliBowl came to Jeff Bollengier while he was doing his favorite thing, surfing in Baja, Mexico. While eating chips on the beach, he struggled to keep the salsa from spilling over the side of the bowl. That’s when the idea struck him: there had to be a better bowl designed to contain food, not spill it.

After several years of thinking about “the bowl,” Jeff decided to pursue his bowl design idea fulltime. He needed a company that could help implement his design and found Rich Stump who was in the product design and 3D printing industry. When Rich saw the design, he knew it was a great product. That’s when Jeff and Rich teamed up and created a new design that “revolutionized the bowl” and forever changed the way we eat.

After creating the first prototype and exhibiting at the LA Gift Show, they met an Oprah editor. She loved CaliBowl, and placed it on the “O” Favorite Things list. That led to the Rachel Ray Show, QVC, the Shopping Channel and more. The rest is history.

When people use the CaliBowl product, they instantly love its functionality. The revolutionary design was inspired by nature. After watching the way an ocean wave crests and breaks, Jeff based the bowl’s interior lip to create the same motion. The patent pending design is called the CaliBowl Non-Spill Smart lip Technology. This technology spans across all CaliBowl products and helps make it easier, neater and less stressful for people of all ages to eat. The brand reflects the values of Jeff and Rich. Their respect and love for nature and the environment is reflected in the fact that all the CaliBowl products are now manufactured with 100% recycled materials. Their dedication to the US economy led them to move the manufacturing process from China to the US. They hope that other manufacturers will follow their lead. They believe that manufacturing in the US reduces the freight cost and carbon footprint and improves the company’s response time to fulfill orders.

From idea to mass market distribution, the CaliBowl journey has been an amazing and challenging experience for Jeff and Rich. It is through faith in and loyalty to their idea that they have overcome all obstacles developed a strong friendship and brought the CaliBowl to market. The challenges they faced during the journey have strengthened and clarified their vision for CaliBowl. They revolutionized the bowl and are focused on forever changing the way the world eats – one bowl at a time.